At Design | Strategy Inc we know that an awesome user experience will delight your customers. Our usability experts design outstanding user interfaces. Put us on your team.

Ensure that your product:

  • Is easy to learn and use
  • Increases end-user productivity
  • Generates more revenue
  • Avoids the costs of poor design

Not sure where to start?

Why not try an expert usability evaluation of a current product or prototype? In a succinct report, we will identify usability problems and rate their severity. Or to prime your cross-functional team for user-centered design, we encourage clients to participate in a collaborative usability inspection. The result is take-home insight for your team about the usability of the product, as well as an introduction to user-centered design.

Short on time & budget?

Do you have 10 days? With results from an expert usability evaluation and a quick usability test with end-users, we can identify the cause and severity of many usability problems in just 1 week. Then we can work with your team to make design improvements. This will get your current product out the door and prime your team for user-centered design.

Planning a new release?

Take this opportunity to learn from your current end-users. A usability test conducted with real end-users identifies where your customers struggle. Our experts interpret the findings to discover the cause and severity of usability problems. Observe the tests first hand; there is nothing more powerful than to witness the results of a poor design! Indeed, examples from a few sessions are often the right catalyst to establish user-centered design in your enterprise.



“Meet end-user expectations for ease-of-use and influence customer behaviours toward organizational goals.”

–Diane McKerlie





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“Users determine the success or failure of your online initiatives.”

–Diane McKerlie








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